From the founder of Thrills & Beats, to the new artists introduced by the label and the established artists who joined Thrills & Beats as guests, here is a list of all artists who released original Music on Thrills & Beats.

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Label founder, Artist/Producer & DJ

From: Rouen, France

Living in: Poissy, France (after 7 years in London)

Musical journey: Autodidact pianist, composer, producer. Piano lessons at 16, degree in Musicology at 20, 2 years in Conservatoire, a sound technician diploma. Worked as pianist in theater, composed score for short movies, played as a DJ around the world, founded independant record label Thrills & Beats in London in 2011.

Influences: St Germain, Daft Punk, AIR ; Yann Tiersen, Jo Hisaishi, Gonzales.

Production style: Piano, Easy Listening, Electronica, French Touch, Nu Disco, Ambient

Main works on TNB: Together - EP (2011), Forever Young - EP (2012), Adrenaline - EP (2013), Departures  (2015), Paradisco - EP (2017/2019), Early Works (2018)



From: Strasbourg, France

Living in: Strasbourg, France

Musical journey: Autodidact guitarist, singer and producer.

Influences: Van Halen to Daft Punk through Megaman.

Production styles: Synth-Pop, Chillwave, New Wave.

Original Music on TNB: Runaway - EP (2012), Nuit sur la plage - EP (2014)

Remix on TNB as R3SET: Yann Dulché's Faith (2012)

Remix on TNB as NEON LINES: AEONN's Celestial I (2019)



From: Paris, France

Living in: Paris, France

Musical journey: Autodidact producer.

Influences: Burial, Daft Punk...

Production styles: Electronica

Original Music on TNB: Wonderland Sucks - EP (2012)

I I I I (pronounced "4 eyes")


From: Somerset, UK

Living in: Somerset, UK (after 10 years in London)

Musical journey: Diploma in Drums from the Drumtech institute, BSc degree in Audio Engineering, Drummer for Iroquois (UK), Co Owner and mix engineer for Bear Hug Recordings (UK). Independent Electronic Music maker and remixer.

Influences: Burial, Clams Casino, DJ Shadow, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Bonobo.

Production styles: Electronica, Ambient, Dubstep.

Original Music on TNB: Sidechain - EP (2014)

Remixes on TNB: Yann Dulché's Faith (2012) and Adrenaline (2013) and AEONN's Celestial I (2019)


Artist/Producer & DJ

From: Strasbourg, France

Living in: Tokyo, Japan

Musical journey: Autodidact, composer for short movies and commercials, DJ.

Influences: Boys Noize, Trentemoller, Modeselektor, Etienne de Crecy, Vitalic, Portishead, Radiohead, D-Styles…

Production styles: Techno, House, Deep House, Minimal techno, Ambient…

Original Music on TNB: Strange Days - EP (2014)

Remixes on TNB: Yann Dulché's Adrenaline (2013) and Departures (2016)

KORGBRAIN (aka Ramen Break)

Artist/Producer & DJ

From: Rouen, France

Living in: Rouen, France

Musical journey: Music Producer, DJ, Party-Organizer.

Influences: Amon Tobin, Bambounou, Joji...

Production styles: Deep House, Abstract Hip-Hop, Breakbeat.

Original Music on TNB: Strut - EP (2016), Higher - EP + Remixes (2020)

Remixes on TNB: Yann Dulché's Faith (2012)



From: Peipin (France)

Living in: Peipin (France)

Musical journey: Autodidact producer.

Influences: Clark, Gorillaz, Burial / sci-fi & post-apocalyptic universes

Production styles: Ambient, Electronica.

Original Music on TNB: Jey / Blue - EP (2016) and Checkpoint (2020)



From: London, UK

Living in: London, UK

Musical journey: Bass player, Music producer.

Influences: From Underworld to Jamie XX...

Production styles: Dance, Ambient, Electronic.

Original Music on TNB: Process - EP (2016)


Artist/Producer & DJ

From: Mexico

Living in: Mexico

Musical journey: DJ & Music producer

Influences: Larry Levan, Katmandu, Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder, Funkadelic, Cameo, Dave Brubeck, George Benson, George Clinton, Jimmy Edgar, Hercules & love affair, Luomo, Morgan Geist...

Production styles: Deep House

Original Music on TNB: Sucesión - EP (2016)

Remixes on TNB: Sovnger's Dhyana (2014), Yann Dulché's Interlude (2016) and AEONN's Celestial I (2019)



From: Paris, France

Living in: Paris, France

Musical journey: Autodidact, sound engineer, soundtrack composer

Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Steven Wilson, Nils Frahm, Maynard James Keenan

Production styles: Alternative, Cinematic, Industrial.

Original Music on TNB: Celestial I - EP (2019)

Fred Falke, Lifelike, Da Fresh, Claap!, Shadow State, Deluce, Carbon Kevlar, Eat More Cake, Toomy Disco, Teen Daze, Big Wave, Aufgang, Amazing Police, Dee's Dubplate, HammerBirds...

Other Producers who remixed us for TNB :