THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 29th release: YANN DULCHÉ’s new single «  VIVA LA VIDA » with singer ANYRIAD.
This is the 3rd release from Yann’s new series of collaborations (after COSMICAT and ASTEEN). Together with singer/songwriter AnyRiad, they worked in his home-studio to find the best musical compromise between his french house and her latin/urban/pop vibes. The result comes in 3 versions : the original, an old-school melodic piano house remix by Yann Dulché and a killer ballroom remix by LAZY FLOW.

THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 28th release: Introducing new artist ASTEEN with single “MY LOVE”.
Pierre Lemercier (aka Asteen) is a French producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Inspired by legends such as Stevie Wonder, Prince or Michael Jackson, and influenced by electronic artists such as Daft Punk, Justice or AIR, he’s passionate about beautiful harmonies and tight beats ; “It’s all about the groove!”
Invited by YANN DULCHÉ to produce a "summer-lover” Disco song for his new series of collaborations, Pierre composed and performed all instrumental & vocal parts (with lyrics written by British singer-songwriter Sharon Gitau). His original version was mixed by Adrien Pinet, while Yann used the recordings to produce a club-oriented, old-school house remix. Together, they chose ANORAAK to produce a 3rd version.

THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 27th release: Yann Dulché’s “DILEMMA” featuring Saudi female DJ Cosmicat. The release is the 1st of a new series of collaborations between the French producer and some of the best rising artists from around the globe. The original deep-house song “Dilemma” blends Yann's French-styled funky bass & jazzy piano, with deep, inspiring Arabic vocals from Cosmicat. It comes with a more underground, club-oriented, techno-house remix by Cosmicat and a stunning, emotive break-house remix by New York DJ Baltra.

THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 26th release: TENKAH’s “Checkpoint”. The album contains 14 original songs written, produced and mixed by Joan Laudric (aka Tenkah) in his south of France studio. Different production methods were used (beat-making, field recording, micro sampling.. and several musicians : saxophonist, violinist, pianist).. to tell an epic musical story “in which technology dominates life and mankind desperately seeks for its long lost link with nature.” Originally released independently in 2016, “Checkpoint” now joins THRILLS & BEATS’ cinematic electronic catalog.

THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 25th release: KORGBRAIN’s “HIGHER - EP + Remixes”. The release contains the jazzy, electronica & urban-flavoured 5 tracks EP “HIGHER” featuring Timä, Dinia, Starlion, -HO-TiMe & Sana Maze (mastered by “I’m From Finland” and originally released in 2014 on Brigade Mondaine) with 4 remixes by: Donovans with a top club-filler, Yann Dulché driving a live band version, DaggerX going broken 80's beat, and Big Dope P in an epic hip hop battle (all released in “HIGHER 2.0” in 2015 on Brigade Mondaine).

THRILLS & BEATS RECORDS present their 24th release: AEONN’s new EP “Celestial I”. The release contains single “Celestial I” produced by Nicolas Fleury (aka AEONN) in Paris, with 3 remixes by Mexican deep-minimal-house producer Rubinskee, French synth-pop master Neon Lines (aka R3SET) and British electro-breakbeat maker I I I I. The EP was mastered by Sam John @ Precise Mastering, UK. Photo by Maxime Rivault / Artwork by Julien Harant.