Thrills & Beats was founded by French pianist-composer / electronic-music-producer & DJ Yann Dulché in London in 2011. Originally, the label was created to release his piano works (Thrills) and his electronic works (Beats). It soon introduced new artists R3SET, C.D.A, IIII... from different musical backgrounds, but with all in common the same thrilling "cinematic" potential. That's why other established electronic artists such as Korgbrain, Sovnger or Rubinskee chose Thrills & Beats to release their more singular projects (blending urban, electronica, ambient or deep house...) In 2017, Thrills & Beats moved to France, near Paris, and in 2019 it also became a Music publishing company. In the last two years we have released our most ambitious projects, in collaboration with international artists (Fred Falke, Baltra, Lazy Flow, Lifelike, Cosmicat, Anoraak etc), and received support from major medias such as DJ MAG, Electro News or Radio FG. We are proud to be totally independant and dedicated to propose 100% authentic music, only powered by passion. Whether acoustic or electronic, ambiant or club, underground or pop... We simply produce great records that we believe in ; a unique collection of Thrills & Beats.